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Remote working locations I use in Southampton

This is going to be a bit of a Friday night post, but this is about some of the places I like to work. I generally enjoy working from my home office, but sometimes it is nice to have a change of scenery, and coffee shops offer this by being somewhere comfortable with coffee and cake on tap. Most offer Wi-Fi too but if not I just tether my phone. I find when working out and about like this that I can really focus on what I’m doing although it does make conference calls more difficult. These are in no particular order:

Santo Lounge – The main appeal for this is that it’s really close to my house, plus it does various all day breakfasts so it’s a decent brunch spot. I can normally find a table although in real peak times it can be more difficult. There always seems to be a number of mothers with children so if you have an aversion to kids you might want to avoid it, but I don’t find it particularly distracting, no worse than an office. They have Wi-Fi and some sockets but not at every table.

Cafe Monde – I haven’t been here so much recently, but it’s a pleasant coffee shop in Bedford Place, which certainly does some of the better coffee around. I’m not sure if they have Wi-Fi, I’ve never asked, but it’s a decent place to work if you can get a table, and they often play music I like, not too loud though.

Notes Cafe – If I’m actually in town this would be one of my choices, along with Mettricks. It’s a good sized coffee shop which has a fair amount of tables and even bean bags the last time I went in. They have free Wi-Fi and some of the food looks good,  it’s certainly worth a look.

Totton Tennis Cafe – My son plays a lot of tennis so I end up here at least twice a week. It turns out it’s a pretty good place to work though, the view of the tennis courts is something else to focus on whilst thinking and they have tea, coffee, soft drinks and even beer and wine if you need that. I always get a table, sometimes if can be noisy but generally is fine, they have Wi-Fi available.

Big Red Bus at Shirley Swimming Pool – Like with tennis I end up here once a week due to my son having lessons, but it’s not a bad place to work. It’s a converted double decker bus which has tables upstairs, sometimes the Wi-Fi works, and the coffee isn’t bad. I wouldn’t make a special effort to go, but I certainly get work done when I’m there.

If anyone has any great suggestions then let me know, I’m sure there are a number of places worth trying out. It would be nice if there was some kind of collaborative working space in Southampton as some days you do feel like being out and seeing people.

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