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The Dip

I seem to have got to that part of my advent blogging there I have hit The Dip, that point where I’m losing momentum and finding excuses for myself about why I can’t do it, or how I’m out of town for a few days later this week so won’t be able to. The irony is that if I did continue I might start to improve the cadence, earlier on in the month I felt like I had a rhythm going and they started to get easier to write, but now it feels tough again.

Being able to get through this stage if often what separates people who create successfully and those who don’t. Although not creative I know I had this earlier in the year playing tennis. I’d been having lesson for quite sometime, and had got to a point where I wasn’t getting any better, each week I’d go, play as badly or worse than the week before and just feel brow beaten about it. I was at that point where I wanted to give up, I wasn’t enjoying playing, the fun had been sapped out of it. Then I saw there was a local league. I thought I’d give it a go, sign up to the lowest league and play a few matches, maybe I’d win a few and feel better about it. So I went along and played the first set of matches and I lost them all, horribly. Even though it was for beginners the players seemed a much higher standard, so there was little I could do but lose. The bizarre thing though was I was enjoying it, it was a challenge and if I won a game or two then I felt I’d achieved something.

Finally one match I won a set and looked like I’d win the second until I fell and damaged my wrist. Even after recovering I felt like my passion had been renewed, and even better when I went to my class I knew I’d improved, people commented that I was playing better and asking how I’d done it. It felt really good to get past that stage.

I’m hoping the same will happen with blogging and various other aspects of my professional life, that if I keep at it at some point I’ll get over that hump.

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