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Returning to RSS

A number of years ago the way I’d get all of my technical news was to follow blogs with RSS, but in the last couple of years that dropped away as I tended to get more information from Twitter, or just being sent articles by friends or colleagues. Recently though I’ve found that I’ve been returning to using RSS, as that way I can get the information that interests me and it doesn’t get lost among the many Twitter feeds I follow.

I used to use Google Reader, which was great, but after that shut down I needed an alternative. The one I’m currently using is feedly, which allowed me to import all my old feeds from Google, plus has a reasonably good plugin for Chrome. What I really wanted though was a native app for my Mac and phone, so I ended up buying Reeder2, which was about £7 on Mac and £4 on iOS. It’s a nice application to use and was easy to add my feedly account to, it looks like this:Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 09.37.12

It’s certainly worth a look if you are a Mac user. As far as feeds go here are some recommendations:

Hanselman – If you are into .net development then the chances are you have heard of Scott Hanselman, he posts regularly about .net and tech in general, well worth following, and he podcast hanselminutes is great too.

Azure Friday – A weekly show that showcases the latest features available in Azure

The Morning Brew – This is daily news which contains links for various development sources. Chris is actually taking a month off posting during September but will hopefully be back in October as this is a great resource

Martin Fowler – Author of Refactor and known for many other ideas around software development

F# Weekly – Weekly news about F# curated by Sergey Tihon, worth following if you have an interest in F# or Functional Programming

There are many others, these are just a few essentials for me. Someone else who’s blog is well worth looking at is John Sonmez, he has great information about how to improve your career as a software developer, as well as being the author of Soft Skills – The software developer’s life manual, which I highly recommend.



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