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Advent Blogging

Earlier this evening I was browsing Twitter when I saw a post by the talented @DannyT that he was going to try something called Advent Blogging:

The idea is that each day during the run up to Christmas, from the 1st December to the 24th you post a blog, which given how sporadic my posts are would be a major achievement. I tend to be motivated to post something, or create a series of posts but they often end up stuck in drafts so I decided to join in as a way to commit to something that will motivate me. I’ll try to post at least something interesting each day, even if it’s just some of the decent links or stories I’ve seen recently, but I’ll try and keep it software development related, otherwise I’ll end up posting about retro games!

Obviously if I fail to do it then you are free to remind me of it, I’ll buy you a coffee or cake or something (maybe!).


  1. Great idea.

    This doesn’t count, this is preable.

    Where’s the blog, McCaskie?

    • paul.mccaskie paul.mccaskie

      This totally counts as far as I’m concerned, I only thought about doing it half hour ago. Maybe tomorrows will be more interesting….

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