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Barcamp Southampton 2016

On Saturday November 12th I attended Barcamp Southampton, which is a user generated conference. What this means is anyone can do a talk, or discussion for a session, they just need to volunteer by adding themselves to the board where the other attendees can choose which sessions to attend. I’ve been in the past and it’s a great event as people have interesting topics to cover, plus it usually generates quite a bit of discussion.

This year I went to the following:

Adam Burt gave a great talk about writing, including discussion about NaNoWriMo which sounds really interesting.

Simon Perry held a discussion on VR, which came up with both some positive and negative predictions of the future. There was talk of starting a local VR user group which would be great if that happens.

Elbrie de Kock who runs Tech Age Kids gave a talk about the educating of children in technology, focusing on how best for them to learn.

Brandon Hawkes talking about his Haiku Camera, which takes a photo and then produces a Haiku about it, very cool.

There were a number of other talks that I couldn’t attend including an 8 year old called Faith talking about own bots Josh talking about hacking Lichtenstein, both of which were supposed to be great. There were a number of lightning talks at the end of the day, all done under 5 minutes, and there was a session where people were playing Nidhogg, which was hilarious and I had to buy it as soon as I got home.

I also gave a talk on issues I have with Scrum, it seemed to go reasonably well, and I got some feedback which will help me refine it for possible future use.

All in all a great day, I’m hoping it’s on again next year, it’s well worth attending!

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