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Keeping organised using Kanban

In recent times I’ve found that I struggle to remember all the things I plan to do, whether that be events, subjects to study, children’s school items or general work I want to do to our house. For events I found that a shared Google Calendar worked the best, this way both my wife and I could add events and know what we are doing so we don’t double book. It’s been invaluable and certainly more useful to me than the calendar we used to have on the wall.

All that said there were a number of activities that just didn’t fit into that model, certain items didn’t have to be done at a particular time, they just needed to happen at some point during the week. These tend to be tasks like phoning the bank, paying a bill, watching technical videos or even writing a blog. The best solution for this for me was to create a Kanban board using KanbanFlow, which was an idea I got from Jon Sonmez who runs Simple Programmer. Using this I have a setup where I have a column for each day of the week, weekend, next week and later, as well as a Done column, and this allows me to organise my tasks. It currently looks like this:


As you can see I don’t have much on of interest on this week! The colours represent the amount of Pomodoros I expect the task to take, although realistically I don’t use this, they tend to fit into tasks that will take a few minutes, those that will take up to an hour and those that will require more than that. It really does help, although like anything you get out what you put in, if I forget to update it for a week or so it becomes stale and irrelevant so I try to use it each day. There is a certain satisfaction when you move tasks to Done though so that’s a good motivation.

Hopefully that’s of help to someone, it certainly  can help if you have a lot of tasks to manage.

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